Thread: passing static structures members to function

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    passing static structures members to function

    hi every body!

    I am trap in a problem regarding structure.

    I have declare a structure as follow:

    // this is the structure in which I have declare
    typedef struct 
            static char name[0x100];
    	static char address[0x100];
    	static char employer[0x100];
    AAAAAA(TExternalFilter* ExternalFilter);
    //I have to pass the values of these members to a function whose prototype is:
    AAAAAA(TExternalFilter* ExternalFilter)
      char temp[256];
    strcpy(temp,ExternalFilter->name);//so on
    cout<<temp; //no output
    main.cpp //from which values are send
    TExternalFilter ExternalFilter={"aaaa","bbbb","ccccc"};
    //I am doing following but i am not able to fetch these values.
    //Or in other words the values transfered are not visible in main program
    //How can I do that
    I want to clear that the structure declaration and function prototype can't be changed.There is no error in program.

    I have to kept member as static.

    What we can do is that we can only change the "main.cpp" program and no modification in A.h and A.cpp

    Actually these two are DLL files and I have no permission to change DLL files only I change is main.cpp.

    I am using VC++ 6.0 compiler.

    Please keep this in mind and reply me soon.

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