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    Play sound in TurboC++

    can any body say the code needed to play sound
    Iam Using Turbo C++ 3.0 and Windows XP
    I could not find a better match in this forum(as i have searched the forum)
    please can any body say the code

    even the Beep() function is not working (may be i don't internal speakers)

    and I don't have windows.h to include to be able to use PlaySound()

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    char doBeep = '\a';

    std::cout << doBeep;
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    As opposed to the better idea of getting a more up to date compiler suited to your OS, and using one of several win32 APIs available.
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    Like salem said, you need the platform SDK to use windows.h header. Turbo C++ is pretty acient. Three good "free" IDE/compilers are DevC++ - free from bloodshed's website

    code::blocks IDE and Microsoft Visual 2005 Express edition - although if you go with express you need to speratley download the SDK from the website, links can be found in the help files
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