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>> let me know if its sloppy or ok?

The code itself is ok. You can do other things to minimize the amount of repeated code. You can eventually learn functions and return top this code and re-do it with a function or two.

The formatting is sloppy. Part of that is because you are mixing tabs and spaces, which don't work well when posted on the forum (your IDE probably uses 4 spaces per tab, but the forum uses 8). Try using only tabs, or changing your IDE options to convert tabs to spaces immediately.

Another reason it is sloppy is the placement of your braces and short lines of code. Each statement should be on its own line, so this line is bad:
cout<<"What is 1+2:";cin>>answer_2;cin.ignore();}
I would be consistent and make it look like this:
    while(answer_2 != 3)
        cout << "No that is wrong, try again:\n";
        cout << "What is 1+2:";
        cin >> answer_2;
Much nicer and easier to read. You don't have to do it exactly that way, but that should give you an idea.

Thank you i will keep this in mind and try to clean my next one up.... I understand as well about the statements being on there own lines. This caused me problems early out as i would leave the project and come back to it and i couldnt figure out what line i was working on.....