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    C++ connect to MySQL

    I have a program that access MySQL.

    I use the following method to connect to MySQL.

    void ConnectDB()
      HENV hEnv = NULL;
      HDBC hDBC = NULL;
      RETCODE retcode;        
      char* szUserName = (char*) sLogin.c_str();
      char* szPassword = (char*) strdbPassword.c_str();
      char* szDNS = (char*) sDSN.c_str();
      SQLAllocConnect (hEnv, &hDBC);
      retcode = SQLConnect (hDBC, (UCHAR*)szDNS, SQL_NTS, (UCHAR*)  szUserName, SQL_NTS, (UCHAR*)szPassword, SQL_NTS);
      if (retcode1 == SQL_SUCCESS || retcode1 == SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO)
         printf("Database connect sucessfully.\n");
        printf("Database connect fail.\n");
      SQLDisconnect( hDBC );
      SQLFreeConnect( hDBC );
      SQLFreeEnv( hEnv );
    int main()
      while( 1 )
      return 0;
    When I run this program, I monitor the memory usage through Task Manager,
    I found that the memory usage will increase.

    I have done some reserch about the ODBC connection method, some claim that this method will cause memory leak some how.

    Can anyone help me on this?

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    > Can anyone help me on this?
    Maybe post it on the MySQL forum where there are likely to be a high concentration of people with vastly more experience of MySQL.
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