Thread: Im lost... any ideas? please help

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    Question Im lost... any ideas? please help

    I am just starting C++ so i do not know very much how ever i hope to acomplish a fairly simple program to learn more about C++. Here is the problem:

    #include <cstdlib>
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        char charName[21];
        char race[6];
         cout << "BLAH";
       //Character Information
       cout << "Enter a Name:\n" ;
       cout << "Good Morrow, "  << charName << '\n';
       cout << "Race: \n";
       cin >> race;
       while(strcmp(race, "human")!=0)
            cout << "YOU FAIL! \n...Race: \n";       
       cout << "Name:  " <<  charName <<  "\n" << "Race:  "  <<  race << "\n";
           return EXIT_SUCCESS;
    The While loop works for just "human", i would like it to work for "human" and "elf". I have tried to use the ( || ) but i could not get it to work. If you have any idea what i am doing wrong, what i have to do to make it work, or anything to improve anything else please reply. Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by C++Noobie
    I have tried to use the ( || ) but i could not get it to work.
    Consider &&, because if you say it out loud it makes sense, "while the race is not "human" and the race is not "elf"...".

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    hmmm looks very simular to the program you posted a little bit down the board titiled
    "help with if statements"

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