Thread: Classes storing instances of own class.

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    Classes storing instances of own class.

    Could anyone tell me why the following code fragment is not valid. I get an Undefined Structure error

    class MyClass
              MyClass instanceOfClass;
    The class has to store a reference to another instance of the class. Actually reference is a bad term, technically a copy, since the original version of that instance may be deleted/moved by another part of the program.

    Im assuming that the problem is something to do with c++ wanting to know the size of everything at compile time. But then how do I get around it? Like I said, I cant use a pointer, because the instance of MyClass it points to may be either deleted or moved.

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    I feel its incredibly messy, but Im currently using a vector<MyClass> to store my instance. While it looks and most likely is wasteful, not only does it work, but it also allows me to easily define a != NULL operator, where MyClass != null if the vector size is greater than 0.

    On which note, my translation from java to c++ is now essentially complete, with the exception of clearing it up and making it a little more prefessional. So thanks for all the help people have given merecently

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    Well, instanceOfClass would have its own instanceOfClass, which would have its own instanceOfClass, and so on. It would run into an infinite loop. Since a vector may or may not hold a class instance, it (like a pointer or some other container object) provides a mechanism with which to terminate the hierachy at some point.
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    In other words, an object containing an instance of its own class is of infinite size and therefore illegal.
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    And you can get deep copy semantics with a pointer, too; you just need to manually allocate/deallocate, or use a smart pointer. Pointers are exactly why Java permits this sort of thing.
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