Thread: Class with pointer to same class

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    Should you cut a sandwich in horizontally or diagonally?

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    > Thanks for all the help everyone, one more piece of the C++ puzzle clear in my head, eventhough its now polluted somewhat with sandwich annolgies .

    Well, being a wet blanket and not getting into the sandwich debate, I would advise you to always declare your variables one per line and use * and & next to the type, instead of the identifier.

    int* somename;
    int& someothername;
    int yetanothername;
    The above has the advantage of quickly bringing out the real type of the name. It also doesn't hide from your skimming routine the names that have been declared.

    int *somename, *someothername, yetanothername;
    May look fancy, but makes it harder to read when skimming the code trying to find the type of some variable 100 lines below.

    int *somename;
    is ok of course. But when seen alone. In function declarations, for instance can easily hide the real type when reading the code quickly.

    Just my opinion. Whatever yuou do, the real advise is... be consistent.
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    Should you cut a sandwich in horizontally or diagonally?
    I usually don't cut them.
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