Thread: Error: expected unqualified-id before 'using'

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    Error: expected unqualified-id before 'using'

    Hi, I've encountered this weird problem. When I compiled the project, it returned this error:

    error: expected unqualified-id before 'using'
    The weird thing is I didn't do anything to the class where the error occured. Yet the error appeared. I tried to clean build the project but the error is still there.

    When I tried to comment the 'using' line, there's another error. But this time it's not the same error. The error was:

    error: multiple types in one declaration
    The error was inside the bracket of the class (or more accurately the last bracket). Can anybody help me here?

    BTW, for the code:
    #include "SDL_mixer.h"
    #include <string>
    //using namespace std; //The first error occured here
    class CMusik
    	unsigned int getHandle();
    	std::string getNama();
    	Mix_Music* getData();
    	CMusik(char* folder, char* file, char* nama, unsigned int handle);
    	virtual ~CMusik();
    	void setVolume(int vol);
    	unsigned int mHandle;
    	int mStateMusik; //0=stopped;1=paused;2=played
    	Mix_Music* mDataMusik;
    	std::string mNamaMusik;
    }; //The second error

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    You are probably missing a semi-colon after the last bracket in SDL_mixer.h, if it is closing a class definition.
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    if you comment out using namespace std the compiler cannot find the string object, ie: std::string even if you included the string library header. That may be why the second error occiured, the first could have somthing to do with before namespace std wsa read, try looking in the header file ".h" for an error a mis-match

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    Well, I've reverted back to my code few days ago (thank God I've backed up the code.) and it compiled just fine. Sadly though my work today and yesterday was gone. Thanks anyway.

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