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    Permutation of characters

    can anyone suggest some method to show all the permutation of a set of characters 1)recursively, and
    2)non-recursively but using stack operation

    and i can't use any pre-set function of C++

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    1 - Grab a bunch of magazines, put them in a pile. You have your first permutation.
    2 - Move the magazines to another pile by only touching the top magazine. You have your second permutation.
    3 - Now, create another pile by touching only the top magazine, but put the first aside and only move to the new pile in the end. You have your third permutation.
    4 - Repeat 3 as many times as magazines you have - 1 time (you already did that one). You have a bunch of new permutations.
    5 - Repeat 3 but this time it is the second magazine that you move aside.
    6 - Do 4 again for the second magazine.
    repeat 5 and 6 until after you moved aside the last magazine. You have all permutations. ( I think. If you have more, you will find out as you try this test and correct my logic. It's also part of the learning process. Good on you)

    Translate that to code.
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