Thread: how to create a Dynamic Array storing objects?

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    how to create a Dynamic Array storing objects?


    I have a simple question which hasn't been answered by the search function of this forum. I'm a newbie, so when explaining, be specific and basic please.

    I need to create a dynamic array that can store objects of a class. Then for each object, call functions from class. Once the array ends, i'd like to free the memory.

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    create an array of pointers to the class. Use new to create the class, the -> operator to call members, and delete to free the memory. Maybe it would be easier to create a function to erase the array, so that it iterates through each element and calls delete.

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    Try this:
    MyClass *array[2];
    array[1] = new MyClass;
    array[2] = new MyClass;
    delete [] array;
    array = NULL;
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    it has to be dynamic.

    I don't even know what Indigo said.

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    You have to make a dynamic array. The best option in C++ is a container like vector. IMO, C++ newbies should learn vectors before dynamic C style arrays. If you cannot use vector or choose not to, then you must use new to allocate space for your array so that you can have a dynamic size. The downside of using new is that you have to remember to call delete[] on the array when the function ends, no matter how it ends or you leak the memory. The vector class takes care of that for you.

    >> create an array of pointers to the class
    I don't see why you need to create an array of pointers, an array of objects should be fine.

    >> Try this
    That code is not even correct, besides the fact that it doesn't solve the OP's problem.

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    >array[2] = new MyClass;
    Beautiful example of undefined behaviour.

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    Well thanks; I used the NEW command.

    I was hoping you could provide the code, but after a while of messing around I got the solution with your guidance everyone.

    PC *obj = new PC [size];

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