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    Red face Occurence counter

    I am a new user of C++ and I am learning this language.
    I want to resolve this example:
    1) I have an indefinite sequence of integer (from 0 to 36) as Input;
    2) I want to know the maximum number of occurrences and its value.
    Input: 0, 2, 5, 2, 23, 11, 11, 23, 15, 17, 25, 11, 23, 18, 23 (Ctrl+z)
    Output: Value is 23 Occurences is 4

    For the input I have written this code:
     iNumber = 0; // Counter
          while (1)
             { //read next
                 cout << "Enter number (Ctrl-z = Input End): ";
                cin >> myNumber;
                if (cin.eof())
                //update the counter
    But I am in difficulty, when I try to resolve the second step. The
    solution don't have to use the array/map/struct.

    I hope in Your help in order to resolve my problem.

    Thank You and Best Regards

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    Err ... I really don't think this is possible to solve without either a simple array or lots of variables and a very ugly switch to simulate it. Oh, and the latter solution would have a quite horrible tree of ifelses to find the maximum.
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    Maybe the exact citate from the assignment would help? I suppose that only class implementations of vector, map etc are forbidden, but use of regular C-style arrays is possible...
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    I tested a solution that used the sort and equal_range and distance STL functions along with a regular integer array. Can you use those functions?
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    Yes, I can use this.

    Thank You.

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