Thread: can't get an array to show.

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    can't get an array to show.

    how would i get it to repeat the array that the user puts in ?

    my current output i get:

    "Please enter the size that you would like of an array from 0-100 :
    Now enter 3 characters :
    The numbers you entered are: -858993460Press any key to continue"

    using namespace std;
    void deleterepeats(char a[], int& arraysize);
    int main ()
         int index_used = 0;
            int arraysize, a[100];
            cout<<"Please enter the size that you would like of an array from 0-100 : \n";
            cin >>arraysize;
            cout<<"Now enter "<< arraysize<<" characters :\n";
            int k= 0;
            while (k<arraysize)
                cin>> a[k];
           cout <<"The numbers you entered are: ";
    	   for (int index = 0; index < arraysize; index++);
    		   cout << a[index];
        return 0;
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    for (int index = 0; index < arraysize; index++) //remove it ;
    		   // remove it index++;
    		   cout << a[index];
    see comments
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    cout<<"Now enter "<< arraysize<<" characters :\n";
    Perhaps you should prompt for numbers, not characters . . .

    cout << a[index];
    You might want to print some whitespace after this, such as a newline or a space, because otherwise the numbers in your output will run together; that is, if a[] contains (1, 2, 3, 55, 99), your program would print "1235599".

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