Thread: Multi-Dimension Array Declaration...

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    Multi-Dimension Array Declaration...

    Hi, Im currently teaching myself c++ and translating some of my java programs, to ease the transition. Could anyone tell me how to translate the following piece of code

    int[][] myArray;
    public void doSomething(int[][] myArray)
          this.myarray = myarray;
    I've tried what i thought would be logical, in the header file having

    int myArray[][];
    then in the class file

    void ThisClass::doSomething(int array[][])
         myArray = array;
    But it wants the initial dimensions size when I try to compile it. Problem is, I wont know how big the array is, untill the method receives it.
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    you cannot declare static arrays without the size
    use some class suitable for your needs that provides an dynamic array support
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    Yes, as vart suggested, you need to pack it in some kind of class.
    Other solution woud be to use vector of vectors of type int.
    Look at
    If you're interested i can give you a small code snippet...
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I decided to use a pointer to the address of the first element of the array, then make my own method to translate the standard myArray[i][j] reference, into a single increment for the pointer. This way means it'll be easier for my team mate on the project to deal with the array on his end...

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