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    Header file help

    Having trouble getting my header file to compile correctly.
    #ifndef Rectangle_h
    #define Rectangle_h
    class Rectangle
                 double avgPerimeter;
                 double avgArea,count; //count used a a counter to keep track of number of times i've computed the perimeter and area.
                 double x,y,h,w;
                 double Area, Perimeter;
                 double getPerimeter();           
                 double getArea();                   
                 friend ostream& operator<<(ostream& outputStream, Rectangle& z);
                 friend istream& operator>>(istream& inputStream, Rectangle& z); 
                 char color[]; 
    Getting a compile error of
    ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'ostream' with no type
    'ostream' is neither function nor member function; cannot be declared friend
    expected ';' before '&' token
    It is also saying the same thing with the istream. I'm not sure where to go from here, this code was working till I broke off the code to a header file. Well it was working when all of my code was in the same file.

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    after your #define do:
    using namespace std;

    also you cant declare an array without giving the size, so you have to make color a pointer instead

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    Thanks, it fixed it.

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