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    Linked List Help

    I've been trying to get down the concept of searching a linked list for given information. I'm looking to input a last name and first name and it somehow search the current listed items for that information. If it is there, it prints out the information in the array (Name and Phone No). If it isn't, it just says it isn't. I just..can't seem to get this right. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. And I know I'm probably way off on it. I mean, I can get it to search with a single array set, but not with how it is now. Linked lists just hate me.

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    void search(TeleType *contents)
              while (s1 != name)
                        cout << s1;
              cout << endl;

    What is s1 here?
    What is name?
    How it is connected to contents?
    Where do you make list iteration?
    How many times you want to print a name?
    If you want to check 2 conditions - you do it as ( A && B )
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