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    CString problem

    I am working with CString and i got a ptoblem with it.

    I declared an array of strings:

    char *Regs16[10]={"ax","bx","cx","dx","bp","sp","di","si","cs","ds"};
    //then I declared:
         CString TempStr = ListLines[NumLines-1].Operand;
            int NIndexComma=TempStr.Find(',');
            CString TempLeft=TempStr.Left(NIndexComma);
            CString TempRight=TempStr.Right(NIndexComma);
    //Then I started comparisions like this:
    if (TempLeft.CompareNoCase(Regs16[i])
    This results in an error ::

    Error 8 error C2664: 'ATL::CStringT<BaseType,StringTraits>::CompareNoCa se' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'char *' to 'const wchar_t *' c:jayasm\jayasm.cpp 123.

    What is this error and how can I handle it? I am working on 2005visual studio.
    I tried putting a _T and also tried putting an L before the Reg16[i] variable.
    But did not work.


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    You are building your project with UNICODE defined, so your CString is a wide character based CString. If you did that on purpose, change your array to wchar_t* instead of char* (actually, it should be const wchar_t* or const char*). If you don't want unicode, then change your project settings.

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    Actually in the MSVC you have macros that provide a way to write a code that will compile both with UNICODE and without it...

    Something like that
    const TCHAR *Regs16[10]={_T("ax"),_T("bx")};
    Note - that both the type AND the string should be changed
    To be or not to be == true

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    Thank you.I changed the properties and it works now.I also tried changing the
    way I is finally working.
    Thanks again.

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    Windows specific.
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