Thread: concatination of string problem

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    concatination of string problem

    in my c++ course we have started classes. I created a class Date which has a default constructer
    Date::date(int, int,int) that takes mm-dd-yyyy.
    The private data is
     int intmonth, day, year;
    The function

    string Date::toString() const
    is to convert the int date to a string date. This is obviously simple, we only have to change the mm to a string, using an enumertion class
    Month{January=1, ....}
    Month month;
    Now.. this functon must return a string. Therefore, the string must consist of
    string Returnstring;
    Returnstring =  month(intmonth) + " " + day + "st/nd/rd/th" + ", " + year;
    return  Returnstring;
    My problem: the concationation of this string. I cannot just output to the string, my teacher asked for the function to return a string. In the driver it has
    cout << d1.toString();
    I have read about the itoa function.. but i get the same prototype error as everyone else, and i have tried every hint online that have yeildd no results. I have heard of a function in class ostream in standard library? Does anyone know a good way to convert these integers to strings so i can do the concatination.

    I use pico, and the sun compiler if it helps..

    Thank you
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    What you want is a stringstream. Create an ostringstream variable, then pretend it is cout and do the same thing you would do to print your date to cout. In fact, a good start is to use cout and test that you have that working, then replace it with the ostringstream variable. Once you've "output" your date to the ostringstream, call the str() function to return an actual string.

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