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    Hey all of you programmers out there, i am currently working on a very advanced game similar to Halflife with its own scripting language, multi-player and voice-to-voice network.

    I have a $40,000 Master Server right here. Now I am getting to work on the Particle Engines and Level Design.
    This game will cost nothing, and may be downloaded when completed. Does anyone know of a good way to make level's then make them available for my game because right now I have to generate levels using code and that is PAINFUL it takes me about a month to make a mountain with textures, fog and items. So I need a better editor, and I am not currently in the mood to build one. World Craft is ok, but it is REALLY!!!!! Hard to convert it to my game. I am sorta broke at the moment cuz i spent all the money on the Master Server.

    Facts about Dark-Scape 2001 Lucas Campbell, Deth Servers.

    This game is based on -TIME- at the begining of a day the only weapons that spawn are spears, rocks, and pointed objects. As the time progresses the costumes change and so do the weapons the latest of the day, mainly 9:00pm to 12:00pm is the most advanced weapons,
    Weapons List:
    KEY: M = Morning, MM = Mid Morning, N = Noon, AN = After Noon, GD = Getting Dark, D = Dark, H = HAZE!!! ( 9 to 12 MADNESS!)

    1. Rock. m
    2. Spear mm
    3. Teeth. m
    4. Claws (nails causes damage to self also) m
    5. Bow mm
    6. Cross mm
    7.Sword N
    8. Scythe N
    9. whip N
    10. Pistol AN
    11. Shotgun AN
    12. Dagger AN
    13. Grenade GD
    14. Grenade Launcher GD
    15. "Bazooka" GD
    16. Pistol with Laser sight D
    17. Flash Bang D
    18. Proximity Knife D
    19. Atomic Rifle D
    20. Atomic Missle Launcher H
    21. Anit-matter ray gun H
    22. Flying Truck (Vehicle run-over is weapon) H
    23. Cybornetic Spawn gun H
    24. SECRETE WEAPON: "THE STICK" for those who saw Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon ( I added this 3 days ago because of CTHD)

    Thank you lemme know your reactions in the following threads

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    Talking so I take it...

    so I take it you allready finished the engine 'eh?


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