Thread: read certain strings from file

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    read certain strings from file

    i hope u guys can help me......
    im quite newbie and i have a problem...ive ask around but no one knows...
    i want to read a test.mdl and then detect what it say and then process the content....
    this test.mdl file if ur open it will look like text file....
    what i do is im using fgetc(ch) and it doesnt work but other recommended using fgetstring and ive done but there result is not as ive expected....
    it dont want to detect the string....

    this is the example....
    the file content in test.mdl file

    ((procedures first) common test
    ((funtion one)
    (methode 1)
    (methode 2)
    (end function))
    (end procedure))

    i want only to extract

    ((funtion one)
    (methode 1)
    (methode 2)
    (end function))

    from the full system and the result should be like below

    function one
    methode 1
    methode 2
    end function

    the reason is that i can know what and how many methode contain in function one in the test.mdl file...

    im using the fgets function and it dont comes out quit doesnt go to second line and it dont detect the string at all as i want to....the condition is like below
    if (the text) = "function one" then fprintf the whole string until it find the (end function) string
    please help me if u gurus, seniors, have any idea or solution how to using c++, am very glad i anyone can help me on this problem....

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    Usually you don't use fgetc() or fgets() in C++, but rather fstreams. Or fprintf for that matter.

    If you're using C-style strings, try strcmp() to compare strings.

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    tq u so much dwks...yes strcmp and strncmp is a solution but how do we compare just certain string from the whole line in a file....

    (function one (procedure two
    (methode three) (methode four) end procedure) end function)

    the progrm runs and the result should be just like below

    function one
    procedure two
    methode three
    methode four
    end proicedure
    end function

    the procedure, function and methode could be anything and may be many methode and function....and the program runs and final result you can extract the function is one, proc is two, there are two a file

    that is the problem i cant pull the certain word from the line....i can compare and store the procedure but how can i store only the procedure name ( in this case is one). the function name should be store but in another coding and the same goes for the can we extract and divide them and put them in different file....

    last result

    in procedure file

    in function file

    in methode file

    so i can detect the name from the file...could you help gives me big headaches....

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