Thread: load matrix into a vector of vectors

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    load matrix into a vector of vectors


    is there an efficient for to insert the elements of a 2d array into a vector of vectors?
    I have
    	vector< vector <int> >  Points
    	for (i = 0; i < n; i++ )
            int Matrix[n][d];
            //populate matrix....
            //How to load the data in the Matrix into the vector of v. Points?
            // is there something better than
            //iteratation through:
            Points[i][j] = Matrix[i][j]
    thanks for the help

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    You could use iterators, but that would be basicly the same thing.

    You might be able to find a vector constructor to simplify things; from
    Constructors and destructors
    vector<T> v; L
    Creates an empty vector of T's.
    vector<T> v(n);
    Creates vector of n default values.
    vector<T> v(n, e); L
    Creates vector of n copies of e.
    vector<T> v(beg, end); L
    Creates vector with elements copied from range beg..end.
    v.~vector<T>(); L
    Destroys all elems and frees memory.
    My suggestion is to replace the code that "populates matrix" with code that populates Points, if possible.

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