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    Need Advice

    I'm using Visual Studio 2005 to convert old Fortran code to C++.

    I'm still pretty new to C++ and was a Web Developer specializing in
    Coldfusion previously. Coldfusion doesn't worry about type, so arrays
    are simple.

    I have some code that contains a list of 500 chemical fragments along with an associated value that needs to be accounted for if the specific fragment is found in a chemical. This list gets searched multiple times in the program. A specific fragment may be found in two places so I need to track the number of times each fragment is found.

    In coldfusion I would set up an array named Fragments. This would consist of a FragID (int) Fragment (string) value (double) and NumFound (int). I know
    C++ arrays need to be of the same type. I've looked at possibly using std::map and have been trying to think of alternative ways to handle this.

    Does anyone have any advice or best practice regarding on how I should go about coding this?



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    I'm not sure I see where you think you need an array of different types. That sounds like it should be a structure, not an array. You could make a Fragment class that holds that data, then an array of that class. A map or set of that class could also work.

    Based on my understanding of your problem, I would create a std::set of the Fragment class, and make an operator< for it that compares by FragID so you can look up the fragment easily.

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    Thanks David, I'll try that.

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