Thread: quick question function prototypes new to this

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    quick question function prototypes new to this

    If the function prototype
    evaluates to a letter,

    what is the funtion prototype that evaluates to a whole sentence?

    I have tried:
    but they only count the letters and the space, is there one that counts words, or sentences?

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    You want a function that returns if it's a sentence or not? There is no such standard function to do such a thing. It really depends on how you're defining a sentence. Should the function check to see if it has a subject and an object? Should it just check to see if it ends in a period? Should it check to see if it isn't a run-on? Depending on it's exactness it can be anywhere from extremely easy to slightly complex (and I use complex loosely here) to make. There is no standard function, though.
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    Maybe you want to see if a string (i.e. char array) consists of only (say) alpha characters? In which case you'd need to run a for loop for the length of the string and call isalpha() (and isspace()) on each character in the string. It's up to you whether you bail out at the first non-alpha, or check the whole string (depends on what information you want).

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