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    C++ editor


    Which editor would you suggest to use for C++ coding? I'm using the free Borland 5.5 compiler with Notepad at this time. Is there an editor that recognises C++ keywords and colourcodes them and doesn't require to much memory or diskspace?

    I've downloaded Vim but I'm utterly confused. I don't understand how the built in help should be used.


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    Vim is very confusing because it is an old style editor, before they used the mouse or had windows type of stuff.

    If you want a good editor (IDE) than you need lots of memory on your Hard Drive.

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    Editplus is nice.
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    it is the greatest it's easy to learn and setup and it'll even automate compiles for you once you learn how to set it up (the author gives great help, or if you need help setting it up just email oh by the way it's freeware so you dont even have to feel bad for abusing a shareware license.
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    Uh...I kind of like a program called TextPad.
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    I like Dev-C++ 4. It's a great compiler and best of all, its free. Doesn't take much memory (or at least I don't think it does) and it's about 10 megs.

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    Thanks for all the answers

    Many thanks for all the answers. Code-genie seems to be just what I was looking for.

    Vim appears to be cool too, now that I've learnt to read the text on the screen . It even has a built in tutor.


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