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    function question

    hello, can someone please tell my why the following method of calling a function does not work??

    #include <iostream>
    int test1(int x){
    return x* 12;
    int test2(int x){
    return x*12;
    int main(){
    int test1, test2; /* if i rename all occurences of these to something that is different that function names then it works*/
    std::cin >> test1 >> test2;
    std::cout << test1(test1) << std::endl << test2(test2) << std::endl;
    i know what the problem is , in fact i have fixed it already but i cannot understand what is wrong.

    if it illegal in c++ to use the name of a function as the parameter being passed to the said function?

    please see my comment on where i fixed it to work

    thank you

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    Well, it's very bad to have multiple things with the same name -- the compiler sees test1 and test2 as ints at that point in the code.

    You could prefix the function calls with ::, but it would be far better to change the names.
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    Yeah, it's just *way* better to give them a different name... And a meaningful name if possible.

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    Functions and variables share a namespace. By declaring two local variables called test1 and test2 in main(), you're hiding the functions of these names. The compiler can't find them.
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    Use the scope resolution operator
    std::cout << ::test1(test1) << std::endl << ::test2(test2) << std::endl;
    But it's far better to have different names for things.
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