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    address of a member function

    I need to get the address of a member function.I found out that it can't be done as usual ,i.e. using the function name as a pointer .
    But Turbo C++ 3.0 help tells me that it can be done like this:


    Bu it also states that member function pointers are not true pointer.I cannot use it as a pointer to a member function.

    The following is what i want to accomplish:

    class C
    void interrupt far (*OldISR)(...);
    void interrupt far ISR(...);
    void func();

    void C::func()
    OldISR = getvect(INT_NO);

    But it simply doesn't work.
    How can i do that?

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    To properly take the address of a class member function, the function either needs to be static, or you need to take the address of using an instance of the class. Check the link below for more info -

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    Get the address fromt he *this pointer.

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