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    Exclamation Sorting Array Descending - need help!

    This this my coding, i want to convert it into Descending and output like :

    How many marks do you have [1 to 20] ? : 4
    Enter mark 1 : 50
    Enter mark 2 : 55
    Enter mark 3 : 45
    Enter mark 4 : 60

    The sorted array in ascending order:

    The sorted array in descending order:

    The incomplete coding are below, can sumone help me finish it..

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    #define k 20
    int main()
      int a[k], n, p, j, i, small_j, smallest, biggest, big_j;
      printf("\nHow many marks do you have [1 to 20] ? : ");
      if(scanf("%d", &n) == 1 && n>0 && n<=k)
    	for(j=1; j<n+1; j++) {
    	printf("Enter mark %d :  ",j);
    	scanf("%d", &a[j]);
    	for(p=0; p<n; p++)
    		smallest = a[p];
    		small_j = p;
    		for(j=p; j<n+1; j++)
    			if(a[j] < smallest)
    				smallest = a[j];
    				small_j = j;
    			a[small_j] = a[p];
    			a[p] = smallest;
    	printf("\nThe sorted array in ascending order:\n");
    	for(j=0; j<n; j++) printf("%d\n", a[j]);
    return 0;
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    You can sort an array using the qsort C-style algorithm.

    The list container provides sort and splice capabilities if you want to take a more C++ oriented approach.

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    if you must implement your own sorting algorithm and not just utilize a library, look up different types such as bubble, insertion, merge, quick sort algorithms.

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    > for(j=1; j<n+1; j++)
    Your sort and print function correctly start at index 0 in the array.

    j = 0 ; j < n
    is the best thing for looping over your array.
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    You can also use C++'s sort() - a comparison between qsort() and sort() at

    Salem: One can optimize the loop some more by using "j != n" instead of "j < n", which works as long as j and n are integers. I've also tried starting at n and decrementing to 0, as in

    int j=n;
    while (j--) {
    which reduces the test to comparison with 0, although the difference, if any, is probably microscopic.

    Edit: Sorry Salem, after reading your post more closely I saw you were concerned with the issue of getting the index right, not the efficiency (which shouldn't be an issue here).
    Edit: Changed "j" to "j and n".
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    Two of your loops go one past the end and cause buffer overruns.
    The loop that prints out the results at the end is correct.

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