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    Need a bit of help

    K guys, im new here and also new to programming, yesterday i went and did some research on C++ and it looked like a nice programming language to learn, so i made my first program, the problem is i want the program not to shut down when i press enter, so say if i made the program say: Hello World.
    When i press Enter after that i want it to say,: This is ur first program. And when i press Enter after that i want it to say,: Good job on making it.
    U see my problem, i would appreciate help... ty

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    Read Salem's link, then attempt somthing like:

    #include <iostream>
    using std::cout;
    using std::endl;
    int main ( void )
       cout << "TEXT";
       getchar(); // wait key press
       cout << "TEXT";
       cout << "TEXT";
       return 0;
    Read some beginners tutorials on this site to get started. Although they do move at a fast pace, so I would also advise a good beginners book. Check out the book recomendations on this site for more information. You will need a solid understanding of the basics before you can move on the more complacated things in the language.

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