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    Exclamation Problem allocating class on heap...

    Here's my main function, the problem lies almost in the first line where I delcare an instance of DynamicString on heap.

    If you need more code, just let me know:

    #include <fstream>  // This is required for file streams.
    #include <iostream>
    #include "email.h"// This is required for input/output streams. (ie cout)
    using namespace std;
    int main()
      ifstream emailFile( "Email.txt" ); // Open a file for inputing.
      ofstream fout( "EmailResponse-rjg5021.txt" );
      while( !emailFile.eof() )
          DynamicString s = new DynamicString(  );
          emailFile.getline( s.Buffer, 1000 );
          Email anEmail( s.Buffer );
    	if( anEmail.IsValid() )
            //std:: cout << 1 << std::endl;
    	    fout << 1 << endl;
            //std:: cout << 0 << std::endl;
    	    fout << 0 << endl;
      emailFile.close();   // All done so close the file.
      return 0;
    The error is this:

    error C2440: 'initializing' : cannot convert from 'DynamicString *' to 'DynamicString'
    No constructor could take the source type, or constructor overload resolution was ambiguous

    but the constructor is:

    		Size = 0;
    		Buffer = NULL;

    I've tried using the another constructor, but to no avail:

    DynamicString(const char* buffer, int bufferSize = 0)
    		// Size not speciied?
    		if ( bufferSize == 0 )
    			// Figure it out by searching for the end of string
    			bufferSize = GetStringLength(buffer);
    		Size = bufferSize;
    		Buffer = new char[Size];
    		// Copy buffer
    		Copy(buffer, Buffer, 0, bufferSize);

    Any ideas?

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    make your s variable a pointer, ie:
    DynamicString * s = new DynamicString;

    also, change this:


    delete s;

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    okay, after doing that and changing all .'s to ->'s, it now gives me a bad ptr error since it initializes it Buffer to NULL (0)...

    How would I do that? I'm editing old code to use heap allocation to get rid of stack, so I have to get rid of stack-allocated buffers and remove string size limitations, which doesn't seem possible...?.

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    Get rid of DynamicString, whatever it is, if you can. Try std::string instead.
    #include <stdio.h>
    void J(char*a){int f,i=0,c='1';for(;a[i]!='0';++i)if(i==81){
    /3*3+f/3*9+f%3]==c||a[i%9+f*9]==c||a[i-i%9+f]==c)goto e;a[i]=c;J(a);a[i]
    ='0';e:;}}int main(int c,char**v){int t=0;if(c>1){for(;v[1][
    t];++t);if(t==81){J(v[1]);return 0;}}puts("sudoku [0-9]{81}");return 1;}

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