Thread: Compiler informs error although My code is true!!!!

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    Compiler informs error although My code is true!!!!

    I'm using Win32 Console Application,Visual C++ Express Edition.When I compile code ,it informs that: "Unable to start program C:\School\Excercise\List\debug\List.exeThe system cannot file the specified."
    When I debug it informs that "This application has failed to start because MSVCP80D.dll was not found.Re- installing the application may fix this problem."Although I truly installed, folllowed of guiding in documents .....
    I don't understand why??My code is true!!!How to fix it..Please help me... thanks very much.....
    I downloaded Visual C++ Express Edition and I don't know where it is...It automatically downloaded and installed.....Please show me where it was downloaded....

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    First you should try doing a search if you don't even know where it installed to (I think its by default in the program files directory under Microsoft Visual Studio). Also, try reinstalling VS as perhaps there was a download error. Barring that you might try this MSDN thread (if you have FAT32). If none of that works, I really can't give you any advice.

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    thanks for your help!!!

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    You didn't install the PSDK or installed it incorrecty. You can find it in the VS 2005 Express Edition download page.
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    Yes, you need the Platform SDK after downloading visual studio express.
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