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    partition a vector of vectors


    I am working in this problem, where I have a set of N d-dimensional points, e.g. (4,5,6,8) (2,0,4,6), are 4-d points, which I have stored in a vector of vectors.

    I am trying to partition the vector of vectors according to the median value of one the dimensions.

    I tried to use the stl partition method like this:
    // S is a vector of vectors containing the points
    vector < vector <int> >::iterator iter;
    vector < vector <int> >::iterator pos_beg = S.begin();
    vector < vector <int> >::iterator pos_end = S.end();
    iter = partition (pos_beg, pos_end, bind2nd( is_less(d),median)  );
    // "is_less" is a class I use to sort the vector of vectors according to an arbitraty dimension.
    // e.g. sort(S.begin(), S.end(), is_less(d));
    class is_less  {
        is_less(const int index = 0): i(index) {}
        bool operator()(const vector<int>& v1, const vector<int>& v2) {
            return v1[i] < v2[i];
        const int i;
    Unfortunately, it doesn't work, (or compile correctly). It seems that I have a problem with the predicate of the partition method; the bind2nd function I saw it in an example, but it worked there for just a common vector, and does not seem to work in this case.

    Would anyone know how I might solve this problem with the partition.

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    I believe your operator() should be const.
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