Thread: Question about small tutorial closing

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    Question about small tutorial closing

    I am reading through a C++ book, and for one of the tutorials I must write a program that displays my Name, Social Security, and Date of Birth. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, I want a program that takes what the user inputs, and outputs those things! But, it seems to not work, and I cant figure out why its not working! It just closes right away after running through the program (or if i use cin.get() it dosent do anything!) Please help!

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int name;
    int socialsecurity;
    int dob;
    int main( )
    cout<< "What is your name?: ";
    cin>> name; // Stores the answer in the variable name
    cout<< "What is your social security?: "; // Will ask you for your social security
    cin >> socialsecurity;
    cout<< "What is your date of birth?: ";
    cin >> dob;
    cout<< "Your name is " << name << ", your SSN is " << socialsecurity << ", your dob is " << dob;
    return 0;

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    name should not be int, it puts cin into trouble.

    You should tell the user the format of date which the program accepts.
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    There is a FAQ entry about this issue here. Check there and search the boards before you post.

    You will also want to look up the std::string class for the name. For the date you can either use three ints (day, month, and year) or a string if you'd rather have it inputted as mm/dd/yy or something like that. The SSN will work as an int or string since you're not doing any calculations with it.
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    Thank you! You are a life saver!!!

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