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    splitting lines

    Hello guys

    What would be the best way to separate strings by '\n' and escape '\r's? To use boost::tokenizer, make own function or just use any already made function?

    Thanks for help

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    If you are just doing this on like \r\n sequences, then you could just replace every '\n' with an 'r' and the character before it with a '\\'. I don't know what you mean by seperate, but something like strtok modifies the string, so boost::tokenizer could be appropriate.

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    Assuming you're working with C-style strings (character arrays)...

    You should be able to do almost everything you want with the functions in <cstring>. Most of these functions start with str... strncpy() etc.

    You may need to write some functions on your own, and you may need to insert /n manually in some cases.

    You should not need /r. C-style strings are null-terminated (/n or zero-value character). If you save strings to disk in text mode, the /n will be automatically be converted to carriage return and/or line feed as required by your particular system. If you save in binary mode, you will have to convert the string-termination manually.

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    I think the OP wants to turn "foo\r" + "bar" into "foo\\\r\nbar".

    In that case, again assuming you're using C-style character arrays, you could use memmove() to shift all the characters to the right to allow you to add in a '\\'. And strcat() will append one string onto the end of another.

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    What if I just use boost tokenizer separator with ("\n\r")? I heard boost::tokenizer isnt that fast..

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