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    Smile cin.ignore

    Can anyone tell me what cin.ignore does?

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    If your question is this generic, ask google.
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    if you didnt find the answer

    it ignores characters in a file up until a certain condition is met

    istream& ignore(streamsize num=1, int_type delim=EOF);
    is the basic prototype so the following calls are valid:

    (ignores a single character unless it is EOF)

    (ignores 1000 characters unless it encounters EOF)

    (ignores 10 characters unless it encounters an asterik (*) first)

    I have found that this can be useful for finding the first [ in a file for ini editing classes and such. Also if you use a special character to signify something in a text file you can easily skip over useless text and go straight to your data.

    (btw if you ever need to know a certain function prototype i have tons of books and help files laying around so you could just email me

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