Thread: Code to access Sound Card / Line in

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    Code to access Sound Card / Line in


    I'm writing an application that will use information from music (using Fast Fourier Transform to break it down) such as the frequencies and their amplititudes for different things.

    However, I really don't have any idea how to get information from the sound card (eg the mic and line in) to work with.

    Could anyone advise me on how to do this or better still, any libraries which have this low level code already written to access the sound coming into the sound card.

    I've read through the source code of a few programs (such as "WaveInFFT" which does exactly this but they seem to have been created using programs to automatically generate the code and as a result, they are virtually unreadable).

    I'll be writing it in C++ for windows using MS Visual Studio.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I am not sure, but you may use Directx.
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    This is most probably platform specific.
    Try win or linux board.

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