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    lstat in unix

    I am trying to get the size of a file in bytes using Lstat() in unix. I am getting this error when i try to print out the value "stat.st_size" which should be where the size in bytes is stored right?
    The name of the file is take in as a command line argument.

    workdamnit.cpp:67: error: request for member `st_size' in `stat', which is 
    of non-class type `int ()(const char*, stat*)'
    status = lstat(argv[1], &buffer);
    cout<<"the size is"<< stat.st_size<<endl;
    Is this more of that crazy pointer stuff? Am I required to use them here?

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    1. The thing you read the file status into is called buffer, not stat
    So perhaps buffer.st_size ?

    2. There is also a function called stat, which is the symbol you're really trying to use at the moment, and the cause of the function-like error message.
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    I got it to work. Thank you.

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