Thread: Garbage Collection in C++

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    Garbage Collection in C++

    I'm a not a beginning programmer but I am comparatively a beginner since I can't understand how to use the Hans Boehm Garbage Collector with my program.

    I am making a big program right now and am experiencing increasing page file usage, which leads me to believe I have a memory leak. I have traced my entire code as much as possible but I haven't ventured into my SDL header files. (I use graphics).

    After some research I dicovered the "wonders" of garbage collection, and downloaded the formerly mentioned gc.

    But alas!
    Nowhere to be found is a step-by-step introduction as to how to use this wonderous tool! I'm talking about:
    1. Where from and what exactly to dowload.
    2. How to make sure I extracted all files correctly.
    3. How to set up my Dev-Cpp compiler (if needed) and my code to use the GC.
    4. How to actualy invoke memory cleanup sweeps, that is, if I must, in my program's loop...

    Please help...

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    Why you don't take a look at your link?
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    I'm not sure implementing a garbage collector in C++ is would be worth the effort. Why don't you use a smart pointer instead, like the Boost shared_ptr? Of course, you can whip out your own in a couple of minutes, too.
    ...And I'm sorry I don't know the answer to your exact question
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    Also, when using SDL, be sure to pay attention that there are a lot of "hidden pointers" inside SDL that can be a real pain... like every SDL_SURFACE needs to be freed with SDL_FreeSurface(), etc.

    When I use SDL I often write C++ wrappers around the SDL just for the purpose of providing automatic cleanup.
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    That was the problem!
    I traced my program carefully by commenting out section by section and watching my PF usage on the windows task manager and found out that every time anything was written using SDL_ttf there would be a constant increase in PF usage of 3mb/sec... I then added a freesurface method and voila! problem solved. My game runs smoothly as a cat, Cat.
    Thank you.

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