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    > Is possible to somehow write those special characters in DOS?
    That depends whether you mean DOS or win32 console.
    It also depends to some extent on your compiler.
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    The main problem is that the Win32 console uses a different character set than everything else. For example, on a typical German installation, the system ANSI codepage is Windows-1252, a slight variant of ISO-8859-1, while the console ("OEM") codepage is probably IBM OEM 850, the same that was used in good ole DOS.

    Thus, if you type a string like "Rächer des überführten Spaßes" (ok, that's just nonsense) into your IDE's text editor as a string literal, it will look differently coming out in the console.

    wcout *should* do the correct translation from wide string literals, but I'm not sure if it actually does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tropicalia
    Is possible to somehow write those special characters in DOS? (Sorry but i forgot the english name of them).
    Because in portuguese we use it a lot.
    I've been having the same problem (õäöüšž)...
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