Thread: Including my files?

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    Including my files?

    Hello, I'm pretty new to C++ and I cant solve this problem.

    I'm working with Code::Blocks on my *.cpp files; how can I call functions of other my cpp files ? I know that' is a silly question but I'm a noob

    Another thing: are there generics in C++?
    and what I must include to use sets maps and lists?

    thanks a lot!

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    Use header files (usually .h extension), and #include these header files.

    Another thing: are there generics in C++?
    Yes, with the template mechanism, and to a lesser extent, function/operator overloading.

    and what I must include to use sets maps and lists?
    <set>, <map>, and <list>
    You may find these websites useful:
    C/C++ Reference
    SGI's STL Programmer's Guide
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