Thread: Passing Bit Fields

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    Passing Bit Fields

    Is there a way to return bit fields via class methods? ..Or even typedef them?...Or maybe even (void) pointers to them?

    class BitField
       typedef unsigned:28  Bytes7
       unsigned:28 getBits(){ return bits; }
       unsigned bits:28;
    If nothing else, a native data type 28 bits or larger?
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    Ask yourself "unsigned what?". Return that.

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    but int's aren't that big

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    Have you considered STL's bitset<N> as a solution?

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    Quote Originally Posted by computation
    but int's aren't that big
    A long is guaranteed by the standard to be at least 32 bits.

    Int, in general, will be 32 bits on a 32 bit compiler, and 64 bits on a 64 bit compiler.
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    Since you can't take the address of bit fields, you can't return a pointer to them. You have to return an instance of the whole enclosing structure or the value of it via an unsigned/signed integer. (Bit fields can only be of type unsigned/unsigned int or signed/int/signed int.)

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