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    C++ graphics

    i know it think all the basics and just wondering if you know any tutorials on basic graphics and advanced graphics since all the tutorials online i've found have not really had graphics jsut been dos.tell me the advantages and disadvantages of windows programming in c++ too plz?

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    For graphics that are not DOS, consult Sunlights DirectX tutorials. They should be listed in the FAQ. There are many advantages of windows programming. Would you care to give a frame of reference ? Like how does Windows programming compare to DOS programming ? Because depending on what you compare it to, it has different (dis)advantages. Compared to a chocolate cake, it's quite expensive and less tasty

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    You might not need DirectX if you are going to do basic graphics. If you just want to put a few pictures on the screen, then avoid directX and just use the windows GDI. Either way, you can search for them both on ANY search engine.. and i'm sure there's quite a few discussions already going on elsewhere in this forum.

    "tell me the advantages and disadvantages of windows programming in c++ too plz?"

    geez. how many times per week does this appear?! No offence mate, but have a look through the threads on the forum, and/or search for this kind of thing on the web.. there are already hundreds of posts/papers and god-knows-what else out there.

    Good luck
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