Thread: about intersection in the vector....any idea?

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    about intersection in the vector....any idea?

    hi everyone, can someone please give me some idea on this kinda function?

    being thinking whole day and dont know what it means...

    // intersection of this set with another
    // Pre: a StringSet object
    // Post: returns a new StringSet which is the intersection
    // of this with otherset, ie. only the items common to both StringSets
    StringSet StringSet::set_intersection(StringSet otherset)


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    (1)StringSet (2)StringSet(3)::(4)set_intersection((5)StringSet otherset)

    This is a function defined as member of a class.

    • (1) The function will return an object of type StringSet.
    • (2) The function is defined as a member of the StringSet class.
    • (3) The scope operator (:: ) serves to establish in which scope should this function be defined. On this case, it is the StringSet scope
    • (4) The function name.
    • (5) It's parameter. It accepts as parameter a StringSet object that it will call otherset.

    To better understand how to define function members of classes, read about classes on some good tutorial like:
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    yap, thank you for that. but i mean code idea not definition sample... thank you

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    What's to think about?
    Do you know what a set is - look it up at mathworld.

    Elements which appear in both are the intersection, so just a loop searching for each one.
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