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    Question Reprompt File Request

    My code reads something like
    ifstream fin;
    cout << "enter filename:";
    cin >> filename;
    a = OpentheFile(filename, fin);
    the return type of OpentheFile is a bool. If I return a '1' (TRUE) then the file is opened & stuff is done. However, if I return a '0' (FALSE) - meaning the file was nonexistant, how can I reprompt the user to enter another filename until an existant filename is entered?

    My loops are messed up..

    any help greatly appreciated.

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    do {
      - prompt a filename
    } while ( ! ( a = OpentheFile(filename, fin) ) );
    Of course if a is just there to test
    while ( ! OpentheFile(filename, fin) );
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    i just figured it out! thanks!

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