Thread: Can someome help me with a program please?

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    Can someome help me with a program please?

    This is for class and I DO NOT want you to write it for me. I msised 2 days being really sick and do not see anything explaining this in the book. <i>Using C++ An Introduction to Programming</i>. I just want someone to get me on the right track.

    Write a first C++ program that uses variables, integer calculations and formatting of output.
    Due Date: The program is due by 2p.m. on Friday 9/22/06
    Read Chapter 3 and go over the slides under Course Documents.
    Write a C++ program using the cscilinux2 server and name it a3YourLastname.cpp ( for example a3smithfield.cpp). The program should prompt the user to enter the integer number of an amount of money in dollars. The program should calculate the minimum number of 50 dollar bills, 20 dollar bills, 10 dollar bills, 5 dollar bills and 1 dollar bills in the original amount of money. Sample run of the program is below:

    Enter an amount of dollars: 177

    In $177 there are:

    $50 bills : 3

    $20 bills : 1

    $10 bills : 0

    $ 5 bills : 1

    $ 1 bills : 2


    i. The user should be able to input any integer number above between 0 and 300 and the program should calculate the correct output.

    ii. Coding style counts: You need to add comments including: your name, CSCI 1010 Section 03, Programming Assignment 3, Date Due, Purpose of the program.

    iii. HINT: Use the modulus operator % to calculate remainders

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    okay i was wrong, im really stuck. here is what i have so far:

    using namespace std;

    int main ()
    int amt, fif, fifr, twe, twer, ten, tenr, five, fiver, one;
    cout << "Enter amount of dollars:" << endl;
    cin >> amt;
    fif = amt/50
    fifr = amt%50
    cout << fif << endl;
    cout << fifr << endl;
    return 0 ;

    and it should compile even though i havent used the other int's

    here is the error message:

    in function 'int main()'
    syntax error before '=' token

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    fif = amt/50;
    fifr = amt%50;

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    haha, im an idiot, thanks much, sorry about the sloppy code posting, next time it will be tagged

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