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    Prelude - Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that using google or suggesting it is wrong. However, if you are to reply to someone's post, at least reply properly with ideas of what could be typed etc... Your suggestion of using google to search MSDN is something I hadn't thought of. Thanks! It does make it much easier and so much more quicker.

    >another whiner

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    Look, I'll try this one more time because I'm really on a foul mood and I don't like being called a whiner. Especially when the whinning is being made by lazy people who can't make an effort to search for the answer before they ask. So yeah...

    What is the first thing you do when you try to look for a reference on the web? Really, what is it?

    Say... you don't know what the function SetCaretBlinkTime does. You go to google you type the function name and voila! You hit the first link and when the page opens you wonder "say, nice page. What's that menu on the left?.. Whoa! Nice! everything is here! I got myself a nice reference!"

    Is that really hard for you to do?

    Or better yet... You are in MSVC++ 2005 Express. You have right in front of you a bloody Help Menu. You click it... "whoa! look at that submenu! It's packed!"

    So yeah... you are lazy. And I can't care any less if you or anyone else think I'm a whiner. I have 0 tolerance for lazyness and especially when it is coupled with arrogance.
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