Thread: Query where is the wrong

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    Query where is the wrong

    Please help... I have made an application in BCB6 that i use to save pictures with BLOB method. So i used ADOTable,ADOConnection,DataSource,
    DBGrid. I want to make some queries by using ADOQuery but i never get a result. The code is

    ADOQuary1->SQL->Add("SELECT Name FROM Images");
    ADOQuary1->Active = true;

    where is the wrong?Please help

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    Is this C++? I have never seen written as this before. All I reconise is the while loop and
    the indirection operator used in pointer operations '->'

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    He uses Borland C/C++ Builder 6, which means that the code he uses is part of an ugly API like MFC. No idea about the problem though.

    Edit: You may want to actually tell us what is going wrong because we don't all have crystal balls to know what you expect the code to do and what it does instead.

    I might actually point out to you that topic titles like 'Query where is the wrong' aren't very helpful to readers. Try to think about it a minute or two before giving your thread a title. It should be clear what is in the topic. Perhaps something like 'BLOB saving method using ADO in BCB' would have been better.

    @swgh: My guess is that ADOQuary1 and ListBox1 are interfaces in BCB's API. Each interface provides a set of tools to work with.
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