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    How could I make a macro so the Enter key is pressed continuously over a period of time? This is for a dedicated game server. The games only last 15 mintues so when it goes to lobby, I want it to press enter automatically when I am AFK. I used a macro program before but I am putting it in my own program instead. Thanks

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    Assuming this is for Windows... look in MSDN. They have functions to simulate keypresses in <windows.h>... it's not difficult once you get the function. The hardest part is making it turn on from the game... you'd likely have to minimize and activate it if you don't want to put the extra work in.
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    Well, I was just going to set it to a hotkey to activate the macro function. The game would have to be maximized however. I'll check out msdn and see what I can find. thanks


    Think this might be useful, keybd_event function..hmm

    Windows NT/2000/XP:This function has been superseded. Use SendInput instead.
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