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    doug :ive been begging my parents to buy me a book for the past year..he wont because he thinks everyone on the internet will hack him and get his credit card number...than when i eventually convinced him enouph to look at the site he was outraged it was more than 10 dads a cheap ass ,so ive been learning for sadly they dont have activities for you to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swoopy
    Quote Originally Posted by Dave_Sinkula
    I try to avoid overallocating, so I was just thinking about using getline.
    #include <iostream>
    int main(void)
       char name[6];
       std::cout << "name? ";
       std::cin.getline(name, sizeof name);
       std::cout << "name = \"" << name;
       if ( !std::cin )
          std::cout << "...";
          while ( std::cin.get() != EOF ); // eat extra characters
       std::cout << "\"\n";
       return 0; 
    /* my input/output
    name? Dave
    name = "Dave"
    name? Sinkula
    name = "Sinku..."
    And if name happens to be <= 5 characters?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave_Sinkula
    I stand corrected. Admittedly I was looking at your code, and missed what it actually outputted.

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