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    Reading a word

    I have this simple problem that I can't figure out. I'm trying scan in a text doc. and look for particular words. What would be the best way? I've tried using
    and put it in a loop but it only grabs a character at a time. I've also tried
    that stops at the white space and ends the program.

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    Same questions over and over again. Please do a search for reading from a file on these boards. There's also inumerous FAQs on the matter. Both on Cprog website as everywhere else in the web.
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    whole line - getline();
    get - a character
    << a word, stops at a whitespace (space, tab, newline).

    There's some stringstream thing, I think, which does the whole file. Search search search!

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    You'll probably need a loop of some kind too.

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