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    If statment +text

    I want to type in a text with the std::cin and then store it in a variable, like:

    char text[20];
    std::cin >> text;

    Then comes the problem, I want to use the if statement and depending on whatever you've typed in launch a specific action, like:

    if (text=="whatever") {std::cout << "this is some text";};
    else if (text=="I am old") {std::cout << "No, you're young";};
    else {std::cout << "Type in something else";};

    But it doesn't work out!

    Help me solve this!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Try the function strcmp(). It compares C Style strings and gives out 0 if they are both the same

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    #include <iostream>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    using namespace std;
    int main(void)
      char text[20];
      cin.getline(text, 20, '\n');
      if(strcmp(text, "whatever"))
        std::cout << "this is some text";
      else if(strcmp(text, "I am old"))
        std::cout << "No, you're young";
        std::cout << "Type in something else";
      return EXIT_SUCCESS;

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    that code won't work. strcmp returns 0 if true. therefore u have to type ! before every time u use it.

    ex. if (!strcmp(text,"whatever")
    {//do whatever}

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    Convert the array 'text' to a string, and then compare.

    string answer;

    ie. answer = text;

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