Thread: Accepting Word/Sentence Answers

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    Accepting Word/Sentence Answers

    Say I give out a question, what is the code to accept a long or even one word answer.


    the program asks the question "What is the capital of the US?" How can you accept the answer.

    Sorry this sounds dumb but I have only done number answers.

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    You'd either use a character array, or a string.
    character arrays go something like this:

    char    capital[20]; //The brackets mean it's an array, the 20 means 
                                 //that you can have up to 20 values in your array
    cin >> capital;
    strings are like this:
    #include <string>  //This is at the top of your program(before main)
    //in main do this:
    string capital;  //This makes a string variable and calls it captial.
    cin >> capital; //This will get one word answers, but if there's a space it'll end there.
    getline(cin, capital); //This gets a whole line for the capital string.
    take a look here
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    Common questions are in the FAQ.
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